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God is Real


Discover the Love of GOD that will change your life.

GOD is REAL the eBook, is a selection of poems and songs given to me by the HOLY SPIRIT. The poems in  cover such topics as the love of God, Repentance unto salvation, witnessing, praise, worship and spiritual warfare.

Since these poems were HOLY SPIRIT inspired, I am confident that they will bless whomever reads them. I am convinced that HE gave me these poems and songs to speak to the hearts of those who will listen.

After HE supernaturally gave me these poems and songs, HE supernaturally made a way to have them published. HE led me to send the very first poem to Reverend Thomas Holm and dedicate it to his wife, Sister Kate. Then HE put it on their hearts to publish them for me. HE began pouring the poems the Sabbath before Easter, and HE has not stopped. Reverend Thomas Holm can testify how the enemy fought everyone involved in every way possible, which only confirms that these poems and songs are HOLY SPIRIT inspired and HE will use them mightily.

HE is continuing to pour poems, songs, wisdom and guidance and I am already working on my sixth book. I am so excited to see what HE will do with all of this. I look forward to receiving testimonies from every soul who reads this HOLY SPIRIT inspired book. Each poem and song has been prayed over and given back to HIM. It is my personal prayer that these poems will lead the reader to a more intimate relationship with OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, JESUS CHRIST, HIS SON, and HIS PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT.

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