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7 Step’s to God’s Glorious Freedom


by Pastor Howard Wright

Have you ever longed for a book that makes sense out of life’s non-senses? Do you need spiritual help? Would you trust someone who has walked with God for over 50 years to lead you into a loving, personal relationship with your Creator-Redeemer God? The author of this book is such a person. He has walked with God for over 50 years. His book is set up in such a way as to guide you around the treacherous lies that can confront in your daily life. He is sharing his own spiritual journey as a guide for you. Get the book and follow its 7 Steps to God’s Glorious Freedom. You will be eternally grateful you took the 7 steps out of sinful bondage into God’s glorious freedom. This is the book you have been waiting for all your life! Each page is jam-packed with light from God’s Holy Word.

Price- $22.99

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