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7 Step’s to God’s Glorious Freedom Workbook


This is the workbook for 7 Step’s to God’s Glorious Freedom.

It is a complete guide for doing a thorough study of Pastor Howard’s wonderful book. In it you start at the bottom of a “ladder” that takes you out of sinful bondage into God’s glorious freedom. Each “step” is self-contained. When you have completed one step you are ready for the next.

A number of methods are used to help you understand subjects under investigation. You will see unique graphs that simplify complex concepts. There are questions for you to answer and “Applications to This Truth” for you to study and do. Searching questions make you think and get in the right frame of mind for the topic being explored. You are taken by the hand and coaxed along as you climb up the “ladder” leading to God’s glorious freedom. Sometimes you will be encouraged to dig out the answers to questions. This helps you gain experience in thinking thing through on your own.

Unlimited downloads for study groups.

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